Lead Maintenance Engineer (Marine)

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  • Posted: May 27, 2024 -Accepting applications

Job Detail

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Job Description


  • Report progress directly to the technical manager regarding scheduled vessel machinery or equipment shutdown for maintenance, repair, and servicing of marine machinery and subsystems conducted by subordinates.
  • Supervise a team of mechanics for safe shutdown, isolation, overhaul, calibration, commissioning, and testing of marine main propulsion 4-stroke diesel engines, auxiliary machinery, cargo pumps, deck machinery, and monitor daily work activities and progress.
  • Lead a group of electrical engineers, automation engineers, or electro-hydraulic engineers on matters related to fault diagnosis, safe isolation, status, and related work.
  • Collaborate with subordinates to plan and instruct daily activities related to repairing machinery, equipment, or system fault diagnosis.
  • Execute tasks such as preventive and corrective maintenance safely and effectively in workshops or onboard vessels, such as engine rooms, pump rooms, or decks.
  • Ensure all site executions adhere to maintenance work procedures following maker’s standards, safety processes, and/or Class requirements to ensure quality, asset integrity, and operational reliability.
  • Report any problems or issues with site work or subordinates to the Technical Manager.
  • Supervise, guide, track, and report on the assembly completion, alignment, re-commissioning, and testing of mechanical and rotary equipment performed by mechanics to ensure machinery reliability upon startup.
  • Maintain calibration, spares replacement records, and test logs of serviced machinery and equipment.
  • Perform equipment or system testing, commissioning, inspections, and Pre-Startup Safety Reviews before handing over to the technical team upon maintenance or project completion.
  • Assist in maintaining spare parts inventory levels in the warehouse, support delivery checks by suppliers, and maintain good preservation and housekeeping in the workspace.
  • Identify critical paths in a repair or maintenance process and highlight countermeasures to the technical team.
  • Participate in regular toolbox talks and other meetings as required.
  • Execute periodical tests and verifications to ensure special tools, lifting equipment, and safety appliances are in good working condition.
  • Execute pre-commissioning activities with subordinates related to mechanical, rotary, or hydraulic equipment (e.g., alignment checks, under-piston or crankcase inspections, seal checks, supports checks, piping connection checks, lubrication, preservation condition, priming, and purging, etc.) in accordance with the pre-commissioning procedure.
  • Execute pre-commissioning activities with subordinates related to electrical or automation equipment (e.g., alignment checks, bump tests, electrical connection checks, alarms, and safety trips, etc.) in accordance with the pre-commissioning procedure.
  • Be familiar with Engineering PI&D, hydraulic and pneumatic circuitry, and electrical drawings.
  • Be familiar with welding and thermal methodology repair requirements, metallurgy, and material selection.
  • Be familiar with LOTO (Lock Out & Tag Out) and Risk Assessment processes.
  • Plan weekly activities according to the priority given by the technical team and ensure smooth workflow.
  • Ensure all subordinates practice and comply with the permit-to-work system and good HSE practices.
  • Produce weekly maintenance reports for the Technical Manager.
  • Plan attendance with mechanics for vessels in shipyards for repair, attend daily VSCC meetings, and ensure daily tasks and commissioning activities are highlighted during meetings.
  • Carry out other urgent tasks as required by the Technical Manager.


  • Preferably have sea-going or offshore experience as a marine engineer MEO in compliance with STCW Standard of Competencies, 3000 KW or more, meeting STCW Standard A-III/3 at least.
  • Strong background in shipyard repair as a project manager, project supervisor, or Ship Repair Manager is an added advantage.
  • Service engineer experience with marine diesel engines, turbochargers, or marine equipment servicing is an added advantage.
  • Good academic qualifications in tertiary education in Marine Engineering, Marine Technology, Mechanical Engineering, or Aero Engineering are an added advantage.
  • Familiarity with regulatory and legislative environments in the shipping industry.
  • Able to communicate fluently.
  • Medically fit to work onshore in workshops as well as onboard vessels in Singapore anchorage or in shipyards.

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